What Can You Expect From Massachusetts?

Although the name does not sound as sophisticated as the other states like New York and Florida, you would be surprised to know that Massachusetts is a so-called high-end state where you will find Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod.

Unless if you have been living in a cave, you already know that Martha’s Vineyard is the preferred local vacation spot of the rich where you can find houses on red cliffs. Cape Cod, on the other hand, is a more accessible and more popular destination where you can find seafood shacks and open beaches, among other points of interest.

But did you know that you will also find museums, art galleries, and other places of interest in the state? This should not come as a surprise considering that it has a long history. As a matter of fact, Massachusetts got its name from the Massachusetts tribe, which formerly lived in it.

As far as recent history goes, the Kennedys hail from the state. Unless if you have been living in isolation, you already know that the Kennedys are the so-called American royalty. And it’s not the assassinated president JFK that carries the Kennedy prestige. There was also Bobby Kennedy and Teddy Kennedy. And it’s not far-fetched to imagine that there would be museums and memorials that cast the memory of this family in stone.

But ancient and recent history aside, if you are into parties, you will find a lot of clubs especially in Boston. If you are visiting and you want to plan your activities, just go to Yelp and find local clubs and other places where you can have fun for the day or through the night.

But what if you want to live there? Well, you would be glad to know that the state counts healthcare as its biggest industry, and you will find Partners Healthcare there, as well Steward Health Care Systems. Of course, there are other large companies operating there.

When it comes to the prices of apartments and houses, you will see that there can be a big difference in the prices depending on the city you choose. While you can find houses for sale at a little over $200,000, there are also properties that sell for over $1 million. While there is studio-type apartment that can be rented for $2,200, there are much larger four-bedroom apartments that you can rent for only $2,600.