Two Cities You Need To Visit In Massachusetts

Any time that you visit a city on the East Coast, you are likely going to see something about US history. There is no other state that represents the changes that occurred hundreds of years ago, leading to the development of America than the state of Massachusetts. In particular, there are two cities that played a large role in this progressing forward and those cities were Boston and Worchester. Both of these cities are different, but they have their benefits in different ways.

Why You Need To Visit Boston

The city of Boston is a sprawling city, founded back in the 1600s. It is one of the oldest cities in the United States, now with more than 640,000 people. There are a couple of different sections including greater Boston, part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and there are many different things that you can see. You can go to Bunker Hill, the Old South Church, or simply head on over to Fenway Park for a little bit of baseball history. The Freedom Trail and the Boston Public Garden are very popular destinations for tourists. Once you go there, you need to drive on over to Worchester, just about an hour away.

Why You Need To Visit Worchester

A couple of the places that you should visit include the Worchester Art Museum. You can also see the Hanover theater. There are several parks that you can visit including one of the best destinations in Massachusetts which are called the EcoTarium. You will probably need to spend at least a couple days here. There are many parks, shows, and even hiking trails that you can take. It’s a great place to stay before heading out to another destination, but it certainly funs to visit just like Boston, especially during the springtime.

A visit to both Worchester and Boston will fill up a couple days out of your schedule. If you spend a week, you will probably get a lot done. It’s just nice to see these different areas of Massachusetts that, even though they are nearby, they are very different and offer several attractions that you will always remember after this vacation has passed. If you do have extra time, be sure to go to the Museum of Fine Arts, and also that Norman Rockwell Museum. There is so much to do, and it is likely that you will have to come back at some point in time to truly see all that Massachusetts has to offer tourists that visit every year.